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ISLAM – A Complete Code of Life

This is a discussion on ISLAM – A Complete Code of Life within the Evidence for Islam forums, part of the Islamic Library category; ISLAM – A Complete Code of Life It is a Muslim belief that Muhammad's ( pbuh ) mission was for the whole world and for ...

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islam way of life , islamic life

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Old 07-20-2009, 01:32 PM
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Post ISLAM – A Complete Code of Life

ISLAM – A Complete Code of Life

It is a Muslim belief that Muhammad's (pbuh) mission was for the whole world and for all the time; because:

Ø Its universality has been clearly confirmed by the Quran in Chapters 7:158, 6:19, 34:28, 81:27 etc.

Ø It is a logical consequences of the finality of his prophethood. He had to be the guide and the leader for all men and for all ages.

Ø Allah has provided, through him, a complete code which is to be followed, and this in itself supports the concept of finality, because without completeness, the need for other prophets would remain.

Ø It is a fact that during the last 1400 years no man has arisen whose life and works bear even the slightest resemblance to that of a prophet. Nor has anyone presented a book which could be remotely considered a divine communication. Still less has there been a man to claim legitimate authority as a law-giver for mankind.

The mission of Muhammad (pbuh), as well as of other prophets who brought the universal message of Islam, does not end with the announcement of the message. He has to guide the people by explaining to them the implications of the Islamic creed, the morale code, the divine injunctions and commandment, and the form of worship that sustains the whole system. He has to exemplify the faith so others can pattern their participation in the evolution of Islamic culture and civilization. The believers must grow under his guidance into an organized community so that Allah's word will prevail over all other words.

Spiritual Life: Prayer (Salah), Fasting, Charity (Zakah), Pilgrimage (Hajj), love for Allah and His Messenger, love for truth and humanity for the sake of Allah, hope and trust in Allah at all times and doing good for the sake of Allah.

Intellectual Life:True knowledge based on clear proof and indisputable evidence acquired by experience or experiment or by both. The Quran points to the rich sources of knowledge in the whole universe. Islam demands faith in Allah on the basis of knowledge and research and leaves wide open all field of thought before the intellect to penetrate as far it can reach.

Personal Life: Purity and cleanliness, a healthy diet, proper clothing, proper behaviour, and good healthy sexual relations within marriage.

Family Life: A family is a human social group whose members are bound together by the bond of blood ties and/or marital relationship and nothing else (adoption, mutual alliance, common law, trial marriages...etc.). Marriage is a religious duty on all who are capable of meeting its responsibilities. Each member of the family has rights and obligations.

Social Life: Man is ordained by Allah to extend his utmost help and kindness to other family members, relatives, servants and neighbours. No superiority on account of class, colour, origin or wealth. Humanity represents one family springing from the one and the same father and mother. The unity of the humanity is not only in its origin but also in its ultimate aims.

Economical Life: Earning one's living through decent labour is not only a duty but a great virtue as well. Earning is man's private possession. The individual is responsible for the prosperity of the state and the state is responsible for the security of the individual. The Islamic economic system is not based on arithmetical calculations alone but also on moral and principles. Man comes to this world empty-handed and departs empty-handed. The real owner of things is Allah alone. Man is simply a trustee.

Political Life: The sovereignty in the Islamic State belongs to Allah; the people exercise it by trust from Him to enforce His laws. The ruler is only an acting executive chosen by the people to serve them according to Allah's law. The State is to administer justice and provide security for all citizens. Rulers and administrators must be chosen from the best qualified citizens. If an administration betrays the trust of Allah and the people, it has to be replaced. Non-Muslim can administer their personal life of marriage, divorce, foods and inheritance according to the Islamic law or to their own religious teachings. They may pay Zakah or a different tax tributes "Jizyah". They are entitled to full protection and security of the State including freedom of religion.

International Life: Man has a common origin, human status and aim. Other people's interests and right to life, honour and property are respected as long as the right of Muslim are in tact. Transgression is forbidden. War is only justified if the state security is endangered. During war, destruction of crops, animals and homes, killing non-fighting women, children and aged people are forbidden.

"There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah

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